Uber launches Uber Español for Latino Passengers
Uber launches Uber Español for Latino Passengers

The private international transport company, Uber, has launched a new Spanish-language feature, which will better serve its Latino users. On Monday, the popular, but controversial, ridesharing company launched the new feature, UberEspañol, in Tucson, Phoenix and San Diego.

According to reports, the new feature will be very helpful for the passengers as after its installation, they will not need any separate smatphone app. Instead of that, the consumers will plug in a promotion code to use the company’s basic service to communicate with a Spanish-speaking driver.

As per a survey by the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan American think tank based in Washington, many companies in the mobile-app-based transportation network sector are creating Spanish-language versions of their apps to gain attention of Latino consumers, who use their smartphones at higher rates than other people of the America.

The survey found that Latinos are quicker to accept a new technology and leave an old one behind. As per Pew researchers, about 50% Latino adults live in cellphone-only households, while 38% black and 30% live in cellphone-only households.

While announcing the UberEspañol, Uber stated that it came to know that several drivers and riders want the service to reflect the multicultural communities where the company operates. Lyft, competitor of Uber, has still not launch a Spanish-language app to attract Latinos.

According to reports, the new feature will allow Uber to gain more consumers. From last few months, the company has been facing several kinds of controversies. The quality of its background checks for drivers has been prime target of several nations around the globe. Some countries have banned the company to operate due to lack in security.

The company has also faced criticism from taxi drivers across the world. According to the taxi drivers, the company poses unfair competition to its highly regulated and insured industry.