Type your name in Google Maps and you will get alarming results

People typed their names into Google Maps and were served up with some scary results. This all has come after the search giant came under fire when it was reported that searches for the term ‘nig**r king’ brought up the White House.

Google has apologized but due to the coverage many net users have started wondering what results the map application would be showing up if they searched their name.

Guardian journalist Alex Hern put his name into Google Maps and it took him to a pub where he played cards most of his weeks. Hern mentioned that according to him, he had only once been linked to the pub online.

Another person, a colleague of Hern's when searched for his own name then the map brought up his old university, which he said that he was not widely linked to online. Many others also got freaked out by the results.

Google is doing an investigation in a hack that directed Google Map users to the White House when they typed in an offensive phrase.

Good has made an apology to the White House, but users were still able to see the images on Wednesday afternoon.

The issue was that on Google’s mapping system when somebody searched using variations of the ‘N-word’, along with ‘house’, a map pointed you to the White House. Furthermore, the phrase ‘N-word king’ also directed all to the White House.

Khadijah White, a journalism professor at Rutgers University, said, “What is interesting about social media, which comes up over and over again, is this idea that it could be Utopian. The belief was that it would democratize public space and public dialogue”.