Two heritage houses moved to new location in Vancouver

Two heritage houses moved to new location in VancouverTwo heritage houses known as `The Dorothies' have been successfully transferred from one location to another in the city of Vancouver in Canada.

The houses were moved to West 41st Avenue, a few blocks away from their original location, in order to protect the houses form destruction.  The houses were moved from West 43rd Avenue west of Macdonald Street up north to West 41st Avenue.  Each house was placed on truck and trailer and moved gradually on the Macdonald Street, which was blocked for the period.  There was a lot of excitement among the people, who took pictures of the homes are being saved.

Rob Chetner, owner of Trasolini Chetner Construction, the company who bought the houses said, "There seems to be an awful lot of interest in just the fact that these homes are being saved and that's partially why you do it. We're trying to do our part in helping to preserve whatever little part of Vancouver's heritage and history that these two homes will ultimately represent."

The two houses were built as early as 1931 in the city and were named after two women who originally lived in them - Dorothy MacMillan and Dorothy Smith.