Trying Musharraf on charges of sedition “wishful thinking”: Pak legal experts

Trying Musharraf on charges of sedition “wishful thinking”: Pak legal expertsKarachi, Mar. 27 : While a volley of treason cases are being filed in Pakistan against the former President General Pervez Musharraf, legal experts in the country believe that the autocratic ruler may never be tested.

Legal experts have termed the idea of initiating sedition cases against Musharraf as `wishful' thinking.

Addressing a seminar titled Constitutional Reforms: Back to 1973 or a New Consensus here, retired Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed said Pakistan has a history where none of the military dictators or army officers were held accountable for their wrong-doings under any circumstances.

Ahmed said the physical trial of Musharraf was impossible until an honest and an upright system was put into place.

Retired Justice Syed Rasheed Rizvi also charged both the democratic as well as the military set-up of the country for denying proper functioning of democracy.

"The PPP's proposed 18th Amendment didn't incorporate the principle of the autonomy for provinces and it was no different from the approach of the military establishment," The Nation quoted Rizvi, as saying.

He asked for an immediate restoration of 1973 Constitution, so as to facilitate the proper functioning of democracy in Pakistan.

Addressing the seminar, Syed Iqbal Haider pointed towards the need for a secular constitution to thwart rising extremism and overall development.

"Unless the country moved towards a secular constitution permitting no place for extremism, there was no possibility of social, political and economic development in Pakistan," Haider said. (ANI)