T-Mobile Coming Up with New Upgrade for their Prepaid Customers

T-Mobile will soon be coming up with a new upgrade for their prepaid customers. Three months ago, a new plan has been offered by T-Mobile that enables non-prepaid customers the ability to roll over any unused 4G LTE data. Data Stash plan will be soon available to prepaid customers also.

Customer who is signed up for the Simple Choice prepaid plan on T-Mobile's network will be able to take benefit from March 22. Everyone who is eligible will receive 10GB of data stash free, with the assurance that any unused data will rollover into the next month, until the year is up. Andrew Sherrard, T-Mobile's Chief Marketing Officer, discussed about the significance of bringing data stash to more customers on the company's blog.

According to Andrew Sherrard, data Stash is good for customers and the wireless industry as well. "And it's precisely things like confiscating your customers' data - data they've bought and paid for - that drives so much frustration with the carriers", wrote Sherrard.

The announcement of blog is scant on details and it is also not informed that which prepaid plans are going to receive data stash or whether the deals is also open to new prepaid customers. It appears that T-Mobile is going to extend the offer to new customers, but possibly there can be some sort of tier that users have to sign up for to get data stash.

To receive data stash on postpaid plan, customers need to sign up for 3GB or more of data and those with just 1GB of data on their plans may not able to use it. It is expected that T-Mobile will post more details before the new data stash policy is enacted.