Thinking robots may replace traffic wardens, estate agents in next 50 years

Thinking robots replace traffic wardensLondon, Jan 21 : A new study has recently revealed that sophisticated thinking robots may soon take up jobs as traffic wardens, estate agents and careers within the next 50 years.

Nearly 48 per cent of Brits fear for their job due to technological innovation, a study found, and the most likely employment for androids were as traffic wardens, estate agents and car salesmen, the Daily Star reported.

Almost a quarter, or 23 per cent, of respondents admitted a robot could do their work better than they can. his was according to Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, a research fellow in UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies, who has predicted that care for the elderly and even children are among the jobs to be replaced by artificially intelligent beings within the next 50 years.

She believes that as the rapid advances in technology achieved this century are projected to continue at an astonishing rate, this will allow robots to break free of science fiction and establish themselves in our everyday life.

The scientist also believes that this technology could filter down to more care-based jobs. (ANI)