Tesla Motors unveils Tesla Energy

Electric cars and electric vehicle powertrain components manufacturer Tesla Motors has recently launched Tesla Energy. The company will provide storage systems or batteries for homes, companies and utilities that will increase its business beyond electric vehicles and tap into a fast-growing area of the energy industry.

According to Chief executive Elon Musk, aim of the company was to basically change the way the world uses energy on an extreme scale. The products were introduced by Musk to crowd of business partners and journalists at a Tesla facility near Los Angeles.

According to Tesla, there is a possibility that such storage systems might become part of a fossil-fuel-free lifestyle in which people can easily have solar panels on their roof to generate electricity to power their home and recharge their electric car batteries.

The smallest battery, which was revealed recently, is known as Powerwall and is kept in a six-inch-wide container that is meant to be hung inside a garage or on the outside wall of a house. The Powerwall can be utilized for backup power or to store solar energy.

SolarCity Corp will be Tesla's lead installation partner for the home battery. SolarCity Corp has been supported by the solar installer. According to Musk, the company will also partner with numerous others. Tesla has various hundred batteries installed with SolarCity systems in California. The development of those projects has been aided by a subsidy from California's public utility regulator.

Musk has revealed the power pack, a 100 kWh battery block, to get power from intermittent solar and wind energy production.