Toshiba Rolls Out G50, F50, GX, FX Laptops

Toshiba Rolls Out G50, F50, GX, FX LaptopsToshiba, world’s fifth major personal computer manufacturer has announced the introduction of its 4 new Dynabook Qosmio-series notebooks christened G50, F50, GX and FX for the Japanese market.

According to sources, the Qosmio G50 and F50 are multimedia notebooks, whereas the Qosmio GX and FX are designed for gaming freaks.

With 570GB of hard drive space and SpursEngine Graphic card, the Qosmio G50 notbook comes loaded with 4GB of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics card and dual-core 2.4GHz Intel CPU .

Toshiba To End Mobile Digital Satellite Broadcasting By March 2009

Toshiba Corporation is all set to end the mobile digital satellite Toshiba Corporationbr

Toshiba launches the latest range of its laptops

The laptop fever is on.

Toshiba Launches Qosmio G55-Q802 Laptop With Cell Processor

Toshiba unveiled its new Qosmio G55-Q802 laptop, featuring Toshiba Quad Core HD Processor, similar to the Cell Processors found on the Sony PlayStation 3.

Best Buy Endorses Sony’s Blu-Ray Format

Chicago: The largest U.S. consumer electronics chain, Best Buy Co Inc, on Monday said that it would recommend consumers choose Sony Corp's Blu-ray high-definition video format rather than Toshiba Corp.'s HD DVD. The statement from the electronics retailer gives Sony yet another victory in its competition with Toshiba Corp's HD DVD.

Best Buy said that it would continue to carry an assortment of Toshiba Corp.'s HD DVD products for consumers who want to buy them, but it would "prominently showcase" Sony Corp.'s Blu-ray format.

Toshiba and Sony have been competing to set the standard for high-definition DVDs for several years, but now Sony appears to be winning the competition.

TOSHIBA Has Created Multimedia Player On Fuel - CEATEC 2007 Tokyo

“The player of the future " works 1000 hours with one litre