Team Anna to Call Off Fast at 5 PM Tomorrow

Team Anna to Call Off Fast at 5 PM TomorrowMedia reports have confirmed that Team Anna will call off the fast at Jantar Mantar tomorrow. There were reports that Team Anna will soon announce a political party. Arvind Kejriwal has asked supporters of Team Anna and Indian Against Corruption to cast their votes by SMS, Facebook and Email to decide the future direction of the protest against corruption.

Supporters of Team Anna have also held a protest outside BJP office in New Delhi. The supporters are protesting against the political will of major political parties to go ahead with the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has also requested Team Anna to end the fast. He has further expressed his concerns and has offered support to the Team in future as well.

Team Anna has also announced that 23 eminent citizens have made a collective appeal to Team Anna to form a political party and end the fast.

Team Anna has announced that they will keep fighting for the cause of the common man and will continue with their agenda to fight corruption.