Tata Motors introduces compact SUV Nexon

Indian automobile giant Tata Motors is aiming at improving its service network in order to boost consumer confidence in its vehicles. Tata Motors is working on a plan to rationalise the number of platforms to two from the six at the present. The company said that the motive behind the move is improved efficiency, better consumer satisfaction and cost cutting.

Tata Motors recently introduced compact SUV Nexon. The company is also looking at electric vehicles segment. Automobile industry analysts see strong potential in electric cars market. Indian consumer is cost conscious and if companies can offer low cost vehicle in electric segment, it can be come a major success in the local market. With crude trading strong in the recent two months, automobile companies are looking seriously at electric vehicle segment.

“We have decided to rationalise the number of platforms. Instead of creating unnecessary cost structure by [having] multiple platforms, you create single platform on which you can provide multiple shapes. All our future products will be based on the new platform,” said Mayank Pareek, president-passenger vehicles business unit.

Tata Motors is expecting stronger sales in the second half of current year. During the first half of the year, the company witnessed lower growth due to GST implementation.