Taslima desires to stay in Tripura

Taslima desires to stay in TripuraAgartala, May 15 : Controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen has said that she would like to stay in Tripura when she returns to India if not allowed to stay in Kolkata, before the expiry of her Swedish visa in August.

Talking to 'Ajker Fariad', a leading Bengali daily here over telephone from Sweden, Nasreen said she felt like being “buried alive” in that country and as she writes in Bengali so she want to stay in a Bengali inhabited place.

“I will request the West Bengal Government to allow me to stay in my Park Street home. If this fails, I will approach the Tripura Government,” she said in an interview published today.

Taslima added that she would also write to the central government.

"Staying in Delhi is not possible so I have to look for a place where people speak Bengali," she added.

She was forced to leave Kolkata in November last year following violence and was compelled to stay at a safe house in Delhi before leaving India on March 19.

She said, "I believe that Bengali people love my writing because I write about human rights, women’s right and hope that fundamentalists also have understood their mistakes and would not cause any harm if I stay in Kolkata."

Stating that her Swedish resident visa would expire in August and she would return to Delhi before its expiry, Taslima said she was feeling lonely in Sweden and was suffering from depression, as she could not write a word in the past few months. (ANI)