Tarform starts delivering $42K slick-looking electric motorcycles

Tarform starts delivering $42K slick-looking electric motorcycles

Brooklyn, New York-headquartered automotive startup Tarform has announced that it has started deliveries of its slick-looking electric motorcycle to customers. Tarform started sketching out designs for its electric motorcycles nearly five years ago, but pandemic-related setbacks delayed the production of the all-electric two-wheeler. Finally, the startup is ready to deliver the new EV, which boasts a more bespoke, hand-made design.

The first two models of the electric bike unveiled by the startup were: the Tarform Luna Racer Edition and the Tarform Scrambler Edition. Pre-order books for EVs were opened near the end of 2020’s second quarter.

A limited number of 54 Tarform Founder Edition e-bikes were the first models destined to be produced for customers. The very first batch of that Founder Edition e-bike has already been delivered to the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum to be further delivered to pre-order holders.

The startup claimed that it spent long hours in designing and engineering the e-bike, but also admitted that it was not easy for it to produce the electric two-wheeler amid pandemic-related restrictions.

In a newly released statement, the startup said, “Thousands of design and engineering hours later, pushing boundaries around technology and sustainability, as well as navigating around unpredictable challenges due to Covid and disruptions in the supply chain, we are bringing the Tarform motorcycle to market!”

Priced at US$42,000, the Tarform Founder Edition is a special e-bike produced in a limited number. Those who can wait for the 55th e-bike off the line will get it at a more affordable price of US$24,000. Deliveries of the off the line e-bikes are expected to start sometime in summer this year.

It is not only the hefty price tag of the Tarform e-bike that set it apart from rival flagship e-motorcycles like those from Harley-Davidson and Energica; its unique design and specs also put it apart from more conventional e-motorcycles.

The Tarform e-bike comes equipped with a 41 kW electric motor that offers a plenty of high-speed thrills with a top speed of 120 mph (193 km/h). However, the city range of 120 miles (193 km) is enough to suggest that the rider will not be able to hang out in the triple digit speed range for a very long time period.

The 10 kWh battery of the 440 lb e-bike supports Level 2 charging with a claimed 0-80 per cent charging in 50 minutes. In addition, the e-bike comes with its own unique sound profile, thanks to combination of the native e-motor with acoustic enhancements.

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