Talks to take place over Hockenheim's future as F1 circuit

Talks to take place over Hockenheim's future as F1 circuit Hockenheim, Germany - Hockenheim's regional council will discuss the future of the Hockenheim Formula One circuit at a private meeting later Monday with a decision expected Wednesday.

"This meeting will serve only for a discussion and to exchange information," regional mayor Dieter Gummer told Deutsche Presse- Agentur dpa.

"The decision will be made at a public meeting on Wednesday."

The city of Hockenheim says it is only prepared to continue hosting the German Grand Prix if it receives strong financial support as the circuit currently has a deficit that runs into millions of euros.

The regional council, which represents 21,000 inhabitants, owns 94 per cent of the Hockenheim Circuit company and Gummer told dpa it would only allow future F1 races there if the they didn't run at a loss. Last year's race registered a loss of 5.3 million euros (7.2 million dollars).

This year's German GP takes place at the Nuerburgring but the proposed 2010 race at Hockenheim is expected to have a deficit of around six million euros.

Hockenheim hope to bridge the funding gap by increasing the number of spectators from 60,000 to 80,000. (dpa)