Taiwan on full alert against swine flu outbreak

Taiwan on full alert against swine flu outbreak Taipei - Taiwan on Tuesday was put on full alert against a possible swine flu outbreak by forming a command centre and ordering on-board inspection of passengers from North America before they disembark their planes. The Department of Health also instructed all cities and counties to set up their own centres to monitor possible cases.

"Those found to have flu symptoms will be asked to stay in the planes for further inspection. If any of them were suspected to have been infected, they would be sent to nearby Taoyuan Hospital for isolation, pending thorough checks," said Shih Wen-yi, spokesman of the Centre for Disease Control.

Health officials said the government was stockpiling medicine and face masks for possible outbreak.

Premier Liu Chao-shiuan urged public calm and said "our government has the ability to contain their epidemic," he said.

Taiwan has not reported any cases of swine flu. Three Taiwanese students at a school in Nova Scotia, Canada, have been isolated along with a dozen Canadian students after they coughed and sniffed.(dpa)