Surya Brasil to setup manufacturing facility in India

Surya Brasil to setup manufacturing facility in India Surya Brasil, a Brazilian personal care firm, has plans to setup up a manufacturing facility in the India, to cater the growing demand for its products in the region.

Currently, the company has 8 distributors throughout the country and its products are available at major retail chains. The firm has been operating in the country, for the past two years.

The company expects to clock turnover of Rs 1 crore this fiscal, with the setup of new manufacturing facility. Presently, the company has three manufacturing units in Brazil.

Surya Brasil is known internationally for its premier organic and natural cosmetics and Henna line of products. The company's products are considered unique by its consumers because these are based on the science of Ayurveda and include the use of herbs and fruits from Amazonia (Brazil) and India.

The company offers organic shampoos, conditioners, hand sanitisers, hair colours and hair masks in India.

Apart from India, the company is present in 23 countries.

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