Superman tops list of 10 most toxic superhero links on internet

McAfeeWashington, July 16 - McAfee reveals that superman links are the most lethal out of all superhero links on Internet.

Superhero links amount to at least three quarters of all unidentified matter available online.

There is a 16.5 percent chance that superhero links lead to viruses, spyware, spam or other malware, says McAfee.

Superman links consist of the most deadly viruses and are the worst.

Some users, however, attract other cartoon links more than superheroes.

These are on sites that hack passwords and computer IDs that are often a result of marketing activities.

Superman has been revealed as the winner in line followed by Thor, reports CNET.

Aquaman and Wonder Woman are in third position. Captain America, Green Lantern, Wolverine, Spiderman, Batman, Black Widow and Ghost Rider are others that come under the top 10 Most Toxic Superheroes.