Sunita Williams wishes happy Diwali from space

Sunita Williams wishes happy Diwali from spaceNASA's Indian American astronaut Sunita Williams has conveyed her greetings on the occasion of Diwali to Indians in India and abroad from the International Space Station.

"I wish everybody in India and people of Indian origin around the world, Happy Diwali. It is a wonderful day and a wonderful festival and I am happy we are part of it up here at the International Space Station," Williams said.

While speaking to New York based TV host Riti Sunshine Bhalla, she expressed gratitude to the Indian people for their support and said that she looked to travel to India during the next Diwali to meet her supporters in person. The conversation was made possible after months of work between Bhalla's production team and NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston.

This was the second time that Williams appeared on the Riti Bhalla Special, a Tv show named after the its host, who is a student of New York University. Earlier this year, Williams had joined Shah Rukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Indian American governor Nikki Haley and others on the inaugural show to wish people of India a Happy independence day on August 15.