Students in Indore protest ragging-driven suicide

Indore, Sept 19 : Students clashed with police in Indore on Wednesday, as they staged a protest against a ragging-driven suicide by a college student a day before.

Hundreds of students, mobilised by unions, gathered outside the Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, whose student Durgesh Shukla hanged himself on Tuesday.

A suicide note found on the crime scene indicated Shukla felt demoralised after a session of what was supposed to be harmless ragging by his seniors.

The protestors tried to force their way into the college premises, where a sizeable police force was stationed to prevent any untoward incident. The police held the protestors back.

The protestors accused the college authorities of laxity in preventing abusive ragging.

"The university administration should have taken steps to prevent students from getting caught in the ragging menace. But no one paid attention to suggestions we made long back, and a student today had to pay the price with his life. We have full sympathy with the deceased, and continue to struggle till justice is done in the case," said Gaurav, a student leader.

Efforts to check such incidents on campus had been stepped up, said police.

"We have alerted colleges' anti-ragging committees, and are also trying to locate such incidents in the campus," said Manoj Srivastava, Additional Superintendent of Police, Indore.

Police said investigation into the suicide case is on.

Police have filed a case under Section 306, on the basis of suicide note found from the spot. (With inputs from ANI)