Street artist Banksy most Googled person under 'who is' phrase in 2014

London, Dec. 16 - Street artist Banksy was the name people most typed on Google after the phrase "who is" in 2014.

The English graffiti artist was rumoured to have been arrested earlier in 2014, but he is now a free man, presumably with a spray can not far from hand, the Independent reported.

The second place was taken by celebrity Big Brother's Frenchy , real name Angelique Morgan. In third came Dappy, the N-Dubs singer who was given a suspended jail sentence in November after being found guilty of for assaulting a man while still on a suspended sentence for a previous incident in Guildford.

These illustrious three come before a desire to know who more about Hamas, Sia, Ultron and Isis.

Also in the Top 10 featured US pop band R5 at number 8, while sixties supermodel Twiggy made the list at number 9.

At number 10 was 15-year-old YouTube phenomenon Lohanthony, real name Anthony Quintal, whose most popular film was called "Calling all the basic bitches." (ANI)