StockHolding Research: Intraday BUY M&M Finance

StockHolding Research: Intraday BUY M&M Finance

StockHolding Research team has suggested one BUY Call and no SELL Call for today’s trading session. Indian markets have once again turned bullish and we can expect fresh all-time highs for NSE Nifty. Despite having F&O expiry today, we can expect strong performance in markets today.

StockHolding Research has suggested intraday BUY Call for Mahindra & Mahindra Finance at current price for target of Rs 324 with Stop Loss at Rs 312. The stock is currently trading at Rs 319.

StockHolding has also suggested SELL for DLF 480 CALL Option at Rs 21 as target has reached. Traders can close this Call on profit.

All trades should be conducted with strict Stop Loss. Markets can have unpredicted moves based on news and trends in the global markets. Stop Loss is an important strategy to reduce the risk in case the stock doesn’t move as per the call given by market experts.

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