Stay with KEC International: Gaba

KEC International Ltd.According to technical analyst, Prakash Gaba the capitalists should hold KEC International for gains in the coming future.

He said that the coming days are quite hopeful for investors and surely provide good returns.

Gaba alleged, “KEC International has strong support at Rs 570. The all time high is Rs 660. Its kind of a range bound there, it needs a breakout from there. Once it crosses Rs 660 then it could run, so structurally Rs 660 is a stiff resistance but there is no sign of weakness just looking tired near Rs 660. So I won’t worry and I will continue to hold and maybe hope that it takes out the all time high and once it takes out all time high that’s the moment it will pickup but it’s a slow mover now.”

KEC International is the leading Power Transmission EPC company, which has made a permanent mark on the world map by continually and constantly re-engineering itself to maintain its position in different areas of superiority, expertise, capability and capacity.

The company’s intensities lie in the arenas of Design, Manufacture, effectuating Sub-stations and power Distribution Networks, Optical Fibre Cable (OPGW) installations, supply and Construction of Turnkey Projects of Power Transmission lines of voltages upto 800 KV and in the implementation of Railway Electrification projects, Turnkey Telecom Infrastructure Services and maintenance of Power Transmission Lines.