Startup company ZillionTV to launch custom-made TV service

Startup company ZillionTV to launch custom-made TV serviceOn-demand content will soon be delivered to TV by means of a common high-speed Internet connection, thanks to a newly-set up custom-made TV service, ZillionTV, and its deals with its stakeholders - five key Hollywood studios!

The service – which is presently in beta testing - will be offered in conjunction with Walt Disney Co; General Electric Co’s NBC Universal; Time Warner Inc’s Warner Bros; News Corp’s Twentieth Century Fox; and Sony Corp. It will also be an option for Internet providers.

The ZillionTV service - to access which viewers need to make a one-time payment of $100 - would enable customization of advertising categories by viewers, allowing them to slot in ads into programs based on their liking.

The Z-bar, the networking tool for the online service, will have no HDD; and would in its place stream TV shows and movies on the Web, wherefrom users can rent or purchase films full price or ad-supported content.

ZillionTV’s deal with another stakeholder, Visa Inc, will allow viewers to procure items on-the-spot through a company-operated store.

Out to compete with well-known rivals like Apple and Netflix, the start-up company ZillionTV intends making available nearly 15,000 titles in the US by the end of this year!