Sports Betting and Online Gaming Segment Grows in India

Sports Betting and Online Gaming Segment Grows in India

Sports betting has been quite popular in India as the country full of cricket fans remains glued to television screens during any major cricket event. Among cricket matches, the games between arch-rivals India and Pakistan attracts the most attention of media and sports fans. During popular cricket matches, betting on outcome of the match, scores for favorite players and many other events become top bets among people interested in sports betting. However, much of sports betting in India has been run through illegal networks over the past few decades. A positive change has been seen recently as legal sports betting platforms offer easy and safe way of betting and enjoying sports.

India has ambiguous laws regarding betting, casinos, gambling and lottery. Online betting and sports betting platforms run in India are legal and the groups running these platforms have been registered either in Sikkim or they are controlled by offshore companies (in countries where sports betting and online gambling in legal). And, majority of these platforms accept payment in Indian currency.

Indian government should consider complete legalization of online betting and casinos in India as this segment can be a major revenue generator for the government. Across Europe and in the United States, sports betting and online gambling operations generate decent revenues for the government. And legal betting platforms offer safe options to bettors.

Sports betting and iGaming are easier with mobile phone apps and live updates for major sports events. Betting enthusiasts from younger generation can confidently choose NetBet as a reliable platform for different sports events including Horse Racing, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Cricket, Football and many other events.

New players also receive free bonus spins and there are hundreds of options to choose from. Rewards and promotions from the network also make it an ideal choice to start safe with online betting. Even eSports events have been listed on and betting on your favorite player or team hasn’t been easier.

In India, states such as Sikkim and Goa have legalized lotteries and casinos. Betting on horse racing is legal in Maharashtra. Horse racing was also legal in West Bengal in the past. Some estimates suggest that annual revenue from overall betting operations in India could be higher than US$ 60 billion and this figure still doesn’t account for spot-betting on cricket matches. China is having strict laws against betting and gambling. This has led bettors to choose Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines as their betting and gambling destinations. This results in loss of revenue for mainland China. If Indian government moves ahead with legalization of gambling and betting in India, it would be a major step in the right direction.

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