Spanish manufacturer Berria launches Mako Hybrid GT mountain e-bike

Spanish manufacturer Berria launches Mako Hybrid GT mountain e-bike

Spanish manufacturer Berria’s newly launched Mako Hybrid GT mountain e-bike (e-MTB) claims to be unique personal mobility solution featuring a lightweight high-tech frame and a powerful motor.

The Mako Hybrid GT is a super-fast, light and ultra-responsive e-MTB suitable for all sorts of terrain. Thanks to its customizable geometry, range and kinematics, it allows riders to enjoy longer, harder and faster rides on almost any terrain.

For propelling, the new e-MTB comes equipped with the Polini E-P3+ MX electric motor that churns out 600 W of power and up to 90 Nm of torque. A total of 5 levels of assist are available, ranging from 30 per cent in touring mode to 400 per cent in race mode. Accelerations of 4.5m/s² and up to 25km/h of assistance are all managed by the rider using an integrated TFT display that comes embedded in the top-tube. It may be noted here that Polini, which produced internal-combustion engine components for decades, recently ventured into e-bike drive systems. It made its presence felt even in the E-EWS racing circuit.

For the frame, Berria made use of its proprietary HMR2X carbon composite material, which includes non-breakable Mach R resin. Although the Spanish manufacturer didn’t reveal the weight of the new e-MTB, it claims that this is the brand’s lightest eMTB ever produced.

The list of notable features of the e-bike also includes battery extender (252Wh, 1305gr), ICS2 Internal Cable Rounting, Speed sensor, anti-mud flap, Flip Chip, Universal Derailleur Hanger, 80ms Power cut off system, ICS V-MAX bearings and Block Lock protection on the steerer.

Describing the new e-MTB, Berria CEO David Vitoria added, “The Mako Hybrid GT is a no-compromise performance bike aimed at experienced riders sho demand the very best but still want to have fun. No stone was left unturned in its production … There are very few ebikes out there that tick all those boxes."

Available in three sizes and seven variants to choose from, the Mako Hybrid GT e-MTB sets the buyer back by 6,899 Euros (approximately US$6,788). Those who may think that it is not a pocket-friendly price should note here that it is the starting price for the bike. In fact, the electric personal mobility solution’s price soars with varying levels of features and technology. While the entry-level GT 6 starts at the aforementioned price, the GT LTD 3 soars to 12,199 Euros (approximately $12,000).

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