South African election winner Zuma calls for national unity

Jacob ZumaJohannesburg - Jacob Zuma, the leader of South African's African National Congress party and the country's most-likely next president, called Saturday for national unity in a speech after his party was re-elected to a fourth five-year term. "This country belongs to everyone - blacks, whites, Indians and coloured: we must work together," Zuma said in a speech shortly after the country's Independent Electoral Commission announced final results of Wednesday's elections.

The party leader also confirmed that he would seek to cooperate with all political parties, adding that the ANC stood behind its election campaign promises to root out inefficiency and corruption in government.

The 67-year-old Zulu politician also made reassurances that his party would not seek to change the constitution, a charge made by the opposition Democratic Alliance party, who feared Zuma might try to muzzle his critics through constitutional amendment. (dpa)

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