Sonder Bikes introduces inaugural e-gravel model: the El Camino

Sonder Bikes introduces inaugural e-gravel model: the El Camino

The Sonder El Camino, the electric version of British bicycle brand Sonder Bikes’ award-winning Camino gravel bike, seamlessly fuses the speed of a road bike with the rugged versatility of a mountain bike. Over the past few years, gravel biking has taken the world by storm, and the Sonder El Camino is now ready to stand at the forefront of this revolution, thanks to its unparalleled blend of performance and adaptability. Among the most notable features of the El Camino is the Kynamic-branded BC250 electric motor system that has been discreetly positioned in the rear hub. This strategic placement of the electric motor not only ensures a powerful boost but also maintains the e-bike's sleek and streamlined appearance. The integration of the powerful motor, battery pack, and controller is a testament to the renowned bicycle brand’s commitment to elegance without compromise.

While traditional road bikes mainly cater to demands of lightweight biking enthusiasts and mountain bikes mainly tackle rough terrains, the El Camino boasts to have the capability to bridge the gap, catering to riders who want to enjoy the best of both worlds. The addition of electric power doesn’t compromise the e-bike’s core identity; rather, it augments its capabilities. Remarkably, the manufacturer has managed to keep the weight of the e-bike to the minimum possible, with the El Camino tipping the scales at just around 3 kg more than its non-electric counterpart.

The British brand’s official website states, “With the same long-distance capabilities as its non-electric counterpart, El Camino doesn't compromise agility, speed or comfort. It's confidence-inspiring over the rough stuff and handles well whether loaded or unloaded … Born for Britain's B-roads and bridleways, it's ideal for the mixed terrain of multi-day adventures.”

Other distinguishing features of the El Camino include its tire clearance, providing riders with a plethora of tire choices to tackle different landscapes. The manufacturer claims that its latest offering isn’t just a mode of transportation; rather it's an adventure eagerly waiting to unfold. With attachment points for racks, bags, and accessories, the El Camino transforms into an all-encompassing adventure e-bike, ready to deliver an unprecedented riding experience.

With eight distinct build configurations, riders can choose the one that aligns with their preferences and riding style. The entry-level flat-bar option designed for city roads is available at a reasonable price of £2,699 (approx. $3,400), while the top-tier model that comes equipped with a Sram Force 11-speed drivetrain and Alpha EX 700c wheelset has been priced at £3,399 (approx. $4,300).

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