Snapchat reaches 6 billion video views a day, according to Financial Times Report

In 2013, there were reports that Snapchat has rejected a $3 billion offer from Facebook to purchase the photo and video social media company. But, now 2 years after that, the decision is looking convincingly justified decision, because as per the Financial Times, Snapchat has reached 6 billion video views per day, trailing just behind 8 billion views of Facebook.

The number is looking even more impressive as it 3 times the 2 billion daily video views that were reported by the company CEO Evan Spiegel just 6 months ago, in May to Bloomberg. During that time, the social website was doubling Snapchat's video views, but now the photo messenger has geared up a lot and has caught up, generating around 75% of the video views Facebook does.

Video content advertising is among the most lucrative bastions of social media, and Snapchat is seeing wonderful growth in this area. Thanks to the platform's increased advertiser-friendliness via video ads and media partnerships, Snapchat was valued at up to $19 billion earlier this year.

There could be a kind of discrepancy, as different platforms have different gauges for what is considered as a ‘view’. For example, an individual is required to watch a video on YouTube for 30 seconds to be counted a view by Google, whereas in the case of Facebook, anything over 3 seconds is counted. Meanwhile, for Snapchat, a video only needs to be loaded to count it as a view.