Shree Cement books 1000 Nanos for rewarding its employees

Shree Cement books 1000 Nanos for rewarding its employeesRattan Tata's dream small car Nano has been scaling new milestones due to heavy interest shown by common people and some corporate houses. Recently, Shree Cement Managing Director, HM Bangur announced to place a bulk order of 1000 Nanos on the eve of Earth Day on Wednesday.

Mr. Bangur said, "I decided to book Nano not because it is a cheap car but due to its fuel efficiency. We want to burn minimum fuel. I too intend to leave my golden silver BMW and ride the first Nano which drives into our office." Mr Bangur added that the firm would give these cars, financed through banks, to its employees and dealers as incentives.

He also termed the decision as a move to promote environment awareness by the firm which has been engaged in various eco-friendly programs at national and international level. Nano's emission is pegged at 101 gm/km as per Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI).

A number of other firms are also making up mind to purchase Nano as reward for their employees. Anil Bagaria, Managing Director of KB Motors, said: "Apart from Shree Cement, Linc Pen too has gone in for bulk Nano bookings through us. The pen major has booked 11 Nanos."