Shahrukh Khan starrer "Om Shanti Om" opens to rave reviews

Shahrukh KhanNew Delhi/Mumbai/Kolkata, Nov 9 : Shahrukh Khan starrer "Om Shanti Om" received a rave response as it was released in theatres across the country on Friday.

The Farah Khan magnum opus also marks the debut of model turned actress Deepika Padukone. The film is set in the 70's, which is, described as the romantic era in the history of Bollywood.

Fans of Shahrukh Khan are talking widely about the actor's performance in the movie.

"Far above my expectations. It was a good movie and I think it is going to do well," said Swati, a viewer.

Meanwhile 'King Khan' Shahrukh is upbeat about the prospects of the movie and feels that the audience will love it.

"If a lot of people love the offering of love that my company has made then that is achievement, money and all will keep happening later," said Shahrukh Khan, actor and producer of "Om Shanti Om".

The story of the film revolves around Om (Shah Rukh Khan), a struggling junior artiste in the '70s' celluloid era and madly in love with the biggest star of his time Shanti (Deepika Padukone). But in his first life he cannot find his true love and dies an untimely death.

Om is reborn and the story flash forwards to the present day.

Haunted by memories of his past life and his true love, Om attempts to solve the mystery of his death, and also to reunite with Shanti, the love of his past life.

Earlier today, the Shahrukh Khan fan club took out a rally on the streets of Kolkata dancing and chanting slogans eulogising the screen god, Shahrukh Khan.

"It's going to be a mass audience film. After "Chak De" (a Shahrukh Khan movie), it is back to masala movies. Everybody is enthusiastic about Shahrukh Khan's six pack abs," said June Maliah, a Shahrukh fan and Bengali film actress.

Director Farah Khan has pulled out all the stops to make her venture a complete eye-catcher, cashing in on the charisma of Sahrukh Khan. She has also roped in 31 actors from the past and present era for an item number in the movie.

Bollywood is no stranger to movies made on the theme of reincarnation, and has ruled the box office for long time. Earlier movies like "Karz" and "Karan Arjun" (a Shah Rukh Khan starrer) based on the theme of reincarnation were the biggest hits of their time.

The duo of actor Sahrukh Khan and Director Farah Khan in 2004 gave the biggest hit of the year, "Main Hoon Na". (ANI)