Sensex gained 308 points this Week

The BSE Sensex made 308.60 points during the week (July 9-13), and finally it settled at 15,272.72 on Friday, whereas the NSE Nifty profited 119.70 points during the week to close at 4504.55.

On Monday (July 9), the BSE benchmark index, Sensex, opened sturdily at 15,018.71 and continued to trade strong for the whole day. Continued buying interest was seen across the board. The index, which traded in the range-bound mode during afternoon, marched forward to lastly close the day on a strong note. The BSE Sensex closed the day at 15,085.22, after making a profit of 81.61 points, whereas the broadbased NSE Nifty closed at 4,419.40, up 34.55 points.

The stock index opened at 15,100.13 and continued to trade strong on Tuesday. Later on it lost power and slid into the negative zone, touching a low of 14,966.40. Finally, the BSE Sensex closed at 15,009.88, down 35.85 points, while the broad-based NSE Nifty closed at 4,406.05, down 13.35 points.

On third day of trading (Wednesday), the BSE Sensex opened negatively, prior to the Infosys’ outcomes. Technology stocks led the stock market to a lower level, and traded in the negative zone all through the day. The stock market had already brushed off the Infosys results and ended on a depressing note in the last trading session after losing 100 points. It also touched a low of 14,829.55, and finally closed at 14,910.62 after losing 99.26 points, whereas the broad-based NSE Nifty closed at 4,387.15, down 18.98 points.

On Thursday, the stock index opened up healthily and traded in a rangebound manner for a major part of the day. Afterward, it gained strength as continued buying interest was seen in index pivotals. After touching a high of 15,112.22, the BSE Sensex finally closed the trading session at 15,092.04, which was up 181.42 points, while the broad-based NSE Nifty also gained 59 points in the end to finally closed the day at 4,446.15.

On last trading day (Friday), the BSE Sensex opened vigorously at 15,216.83 and continued to trade stronglu for the whole day. Afterwards, the Sensex crossed above 15,300 mark in the intraday trades backed by sustained buying interest in index pivotals, finally to close on a cheerful note. The BSE Sensex after touching a high of 15,330.73 finally settled at 15,272.72, up 180.68 points, while the broad-based NSE Nifty closed at 4,504.55, up 58.4 points.