Selena Gomez urges drivers to take more care behind the wheel

elena-GomezWashington, Feb 04 : Teen star Selena Gomez has shot a new public service advertisement urging drivers to take more precautions behind the wheel.

The young star of Disney hit `The Wizards of Waverly Place' is spearheading the campaign, asking drivers, particularly teens, to put their mobile phones down and concentrate on the road.

"Don''t do a thousand things in your car! In the car, just focus on what you need to be doing," Contactmusic quoted her, as telling the viewers.

And Gomez has vowed to practise what she says when she hits the road herself.

"I''m going to try to put my phone on silent. You can tell yourself, ''I''m not going to get it,'' but once you hear it you get tempted and distracted. So for me... I''ll put it on silent, put it in my purse and just drive," she said.

"I''ve almost been in wrecks because of people (using phones while driving).

"I''ll sit there and look at someone and go, ''Gosh! She completely almost ran into us,'' then look at her and see she''s on the phone. That''s the reason," she added. (ANI)