Security offering for Android, Symantec

Security offering for Android, SymantecSymantec has pronounced its new Norton Domain Name Server (DNS) internet security software for Android-based smart phones.

This Norton DNS Beta version will be released in June, and can be downloaded free of charge from the homes site for a certain trial period.

President of Symantec's Consumer Business, Janice Chaffin, stated: “We are entering a new era where non-PC devices are exploding in numbers, which means more opportunity for cyber criminals. It’s becoming more and more critical for consumers to be protected beyond their PCs.”

Symantec further stated that Norton DNS will proffer an alternative DNS server that will be exclusively availed through Dyn, to the ones who look for a better, faster and safer online browsing experience.

It promises an ultra-protection for almost any type of cyber-attack.

As the facts suggest Norton DNS comprises of Norton Everywhere software suite, the so called offering that arm ours for all internet enabled devices, from PCs to mobile phones.