Secret military files contained in thrift store MP3

Secret military files contained in thrift store MP3 It might sound as an interesting story of fiction but all the readers who are reading it should know that it is true. Last year, a man named Chris Ogle from New Zealand was enjoying his time in Oklahoma when he bought a used MP3 player from a thrift store for $9.

Just a few weeks ago, this man plugged the MP3 player into his computer so that he can download a song. But to his surprise, Ogle found a confidential U. S. military files stored in the player.

Ogle reported while laughing on the whole incident, "The more I look at it, the more I see, and the less I think I should be."

The so called confidential file had the home addresses, Social Security numbers and cell phone numbers of U. S. soldiers. Furthermore, the information related to most probably a briefing of a mission and lists of equipment deployed to hot spots in Afghanistan and Iraq were also included in the files. The majority of the information appears to date to 2005.

A journalist, who initially reported the story when contacted a soldier on his phone number given in the found list hung up once he came to know the motive of the journalist.

Marc Rotenberg of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington added, "The government isn't doing a good job of protecting the information that it collects."

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