Samsung says sorry to Chinese customers for malfunctioning phones

Samsung says sorry to Chinese customers for malfunctioning phonesSouth Koran electronics giant, Samsung Electronics has apologized to its customers in the Chinese market after reports that its pones were malfunctioning.

A report in the Chinese state media stated that the phones were malfunctioning due to faulty memory chips and also criticized the company's repair policies. The broadcast on the influential China Central Television on Tuesday stated that the company's models crash several times a day due to the memory chips. It also noted that the issue can be resolved with $100 chip upgrade but the company warranty does not cover the issue.  The models mentioned in the China Central Television (CCTV) report included Galaxy S3 and the Note2 phones.

The South Korean firm said in statement that it "sincerely apologises" to Chinese consumers for what it described as management problems and also said that it welcomes media report into the issue. The company has now said that it will offer free repairs for the seven models mentioned in the report.

China is a major market for Samsung and it generates about 14% of its overall revenue from the country.