Samsung gearing up to launch “M2310 and M2710 Music-Centric Phones”

Samsung gearing up to launch “M2310 and M2710 Music-Centric Phones”The reports are hot that Samsung is gearing up to launch its two new phones – Samsung M2310 and Samsung M2710. The reports say that Samsung M2310 and Samsung M2710 are equipped with high end music capabilities; “M” stands for music. However, Samsung hasn’t officially announced the two phones, yet.

According to reports, the design of the two music-centric phones is based on their predecessor, M7600 “Beat DJ. The handsets resemble a thinned down M7610 Beat DISC, and they have buttons dedicated to music, like the M7600 BeatDJ.

Samsung M2310 is reportedly a clamshell phone, supporting GPRS/EDGE capabilities. It features a camera, FM Radio, Bluetooth, and anti-theft, mobile-tracking software.

Samsung M2710 is slider phone featuring a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, memory card slot, a 3.5mm jack accelerometer, and FM radio. The phone offers GPRS/EDGE capabilities and “Mobile Tracker” which helps locating the phone when the phone is lost or stolen. According to reports, Samsung M2710 is superior to Samsung M2310.

At this point, there is limited information available about these two phones. It’s still not known whether or not, the two phones will have 3G connectivity. The info about pricing and exact launch date of the two phones is not available.    

However, according to reports, Samsung is looking to target the South American market with Samsung M2310 and Samsung M2710 music phones. Samsung will launch the two phones first in Brazil. The two phones will be released in India, after South America.  

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