Salman Rushdie Wants Imran Khan For Midnight's Children

Imran KhanCasting Imran Khan as the historically-plush Saleem Sinai in Deepa Mehta adaptation of Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children is an idea that appeals to the author.

Though the young Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na actor doesn't have the 'special' nose that the novel's protagonist possesses, Rushdie apparently thinks Imran would be the best person to play the character and the actor is at the moment at the top of the short list.

Says Deepa Mehta , "It's true. My friend Salman Rushdie who will take an active part in the cinematic adaptation including the casting likes the idea of Imran playing Saleem. Salman has too meet Imran to take a final call."

Apparently Salman Rushdie thinks Imran to be a glamorous superstar.

Says Deepa. "I feel if it's a good actor and suits the role then his popularity can only add to the film's equity."

Interestingly Imran's uncle Aamir worked with Deepa Mehta in 1947 Earth which many movie lovers rate as Aamir's best performance to date, though the actor had many reservations and heated arguments about the way his role of the communal Indian was interpreted.

However Imran has made it clear he has his own take on roles characters and career and equations with directors independent of his uncle.

He's in fact warmly open to the idea of doing Midnight's Children. -Sampurn Media