Russia is launch new space telescope on Monday

Russia is launch new space telescope on MondayThe Russian Space Agency is scheduled to launch a space telescope, which was planned during the cold war era, on Monday when the telescope is expected to be raised to the almost halfway to the moon.

The scientists tool more than 30 years to develop RadioAstron, which has a 10-meter antenna. This may see small but when RadioAstron’s signals are combined with that of earthbound telescopes, the process creates images as sharp as those produced by a single satellite whose dish was as wide as the distance between the space telescope and Earth.

The satellite will create a “dish” that will be 30 times the Earth’s diameter. RadioAstron produced images will be 10,000 times that of images by the Hubble Space Telescope.

The operators of RadioAstron will aim to record objects such as the galaxy M87.

The satellite will also focus on microwave radiation as well as pulsars to understand how dust and gas are distributed around these exploding starts. An antenna in Pushchina, Russia will collect signals from the spacecraft.

RadioAstron is set to launch from Kazakhstan’s Baikonur cosmodrome on Monday.