Romanian teen dashes ex-teacher’s ‘fairytale’ claims, insists she’s still virgin

Romanian teen dashes ex-teacher’s ‘fairytale’ claims, insists she’s still virginLondon, Mar 27: Alina Percea, the Romanian teen who is auctioning her virginity online for 50,000 pounds, has hit back at her former teacher’s claims that she's not a virgin.

Alina was devastated when former teacher Alexandru Dumitrescu claimed: “Her virginity is a fairytale. She just wants to be famous.”

Speaking for the first time since her decision, the 18-year-old Percea insisted that she’s innocent.

“I’ve never been with a man. I am a virgin and I’ve got a medical certificate to prove it. I’ve never been with a man at all. I had one boyfriend when I was 17, but we kissed and held hands and that was it,” The Sun quoted her, as saying.

She said: “I don’t know why anyone would say such a horrible thing about me. I’ve always got on with my teachers, and he never had a problem with me before. How would he know anything like that about me?"

Alina also revealed that gorgeous virgin Natalie Dylan, who has attracted bids of 2.5million pounds to sleep with her, was her inspiration.

American Dylan, 22, from San Diego is auctioning her virginity through porn king Hugh Hefner’s brothel, The Bunny Ranch.

Speaking about her decision to do the same, Alina said: “I thought it was an amazing idea, and wanted to do the same thing. I thought: ’I’m a virgin, and I can’t find work any other way, so here is a way for me to make a lot of money and to help my family’.

Alina has so far attracted bids of only 5,000 pounds. (ANI)