Rolls Royce previews its Rs 2.5-crore ‘Ghost’ in India

Rolls-Royce Motor CarsThat Rolls Royce is banking big time on the Indian market, more so with the number of billionaires in the country ever on the increase, is evident from the fact that the British carmaker's still-to-be-launched super-luxury sedan, the 'Ghost,' was previewed in India on Friday!

The most economical of the cars from the well-known maker of the most elite, premium, hand-crafted cars, the Rolls Royce's Ghost will cost Rs 2.5 crore in India.

The company, which currently sells 15-18 units in India, expects its sales in the country to undergo a nearly four-fold increase, to over 75 units, after the next-year launch of the Ghost.

Speaking at the preview of the Ghost, Colin Kelly, Rolls Royce Motor Cars' regional director for Asia-Pacific region, said: "India is one of the fastest wealth growing nations in the world; and we expect to see an over 300% jump in sales in India next year after the launch of Ghost in the second quarter of 2010."

Noting that the built-to-order Ghost will be the Rolls Royce's first new model series' vehicle to detach from the Phantom family, Kelly added that the new drivetrain sedan comprise a 6.6 litre twin- turbo charged V12 engine, as well as a new 8-speed automatic gearbox. The peak power output of the vehicle, which can race from 0-100kmph in 4.9 seconds, will be 563bhp at 5250rpm.