Rohtak wrestlers in high demand during election time

Haryana MapRohtak, Nov. 20 : It’s election time and the wrestlers from Rohtak are in high demand. It may sound a bit strange to many people elsewhere but at least not here.

After all any political leader gains attention by the number of musclemen he or she is accompanied by while electioneering. And, many candidates facing elections in neighbouring States of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh perceive the wrestlers as a must.

Following such a demand, almost every other Akhara in Rohtak region in Haryana today presents a barren look. Although not much activity is witnessed at the Akharas but no one is complaining.

"Most of the wrestlers have gone to Delhi, as ministers have called them. They will become their bodyguards. They will protect and escort them during election campaigning. Only 20 wrestlers are left over here," said Surinder, a wrestler associated with an Akhara, Rohtak.

These wrestlers are paid as per their physical built. And, their job is to accompany candidates during election rallys and campaigning.

"Every wrestler wants to prove his mettle over here, Wrestlers are in great demand as every leader needs a wrestler for his security," said Rammehar, one wrestler. (ANI)