Rohtak city’s famous Rewri and Gajjak sell like hot cakes during winters

Rohtak, Nov. 17  With the onset of winters, the shopkeepers selling the traditional sweets Rewri and Gajjak in Rohtak city of Haryana are having a busy time.

There are over 200 sweetmeat shops in Rohtak selling Rewri and Gajjak. The city is known for its best quality Rewri and Gajjak. These two items are prepared with sesame seeds and jaggery or sugar.

The twin sweets are very popular and hold a huge demand not just within the State but in other the parts of the country and abroad. Beyond Haryana and rest of India, the Rewri and Gajjak find their lovers in the markets of North America, England, Europe and the Middle East.

Jamini, one Muslim confectioner, is said to have started this legacy of crispy Rewri and Gajjak products from Rohtak. And what he formulated over a hundred years ago is relished even today at home and abroad.

Most households buy these as seasonal delicacies not just as for household use but also as a worthy gift for all occasions.

In the suburban areas of Rohtak, one can see skilled confectioners preparing various forms of Rewri and Gajjak. Apart from traditional shape and size, Gajjaks are also prepared in other forms like stuffed rolls of various shapes and styles and with additives like pista.

The one with pista are called Pista Gajjakpattis and much sought after by aficionados of north Indian sweets.

There are over hundreds of such specialists operating confectioneries as well as wholesale and retail outlets.

"Jamini, a Muslim, started making Rewri 100 years ago. Since then Rohtak has been the biggest producer of Rewri. Our shop is the oldest in the city and a lot of supply goes out of the city and to many countries abroad. Most of the people prefer only Rewri which is prepared in Rohtak," said Ram Kumar, a sweetmeat shopkeeper in Rohtak.

Over 3,000 tonnes of Rewri and Gajjak are prepared and sold from Rohtak alone.

"Our supply goes to Delhi and also to countries like USA, UK, Australia and Canada. Rohtak itself has 200-250 shops, which sell Rewri and do good business in these four to five months," said Pramod Kumar, owner of a sweetmeat shop and exporter, Rohtak.

The items are priced between Rs. 30 to 100 a kilogram. They have good shelf life. (ANI)