RNC releases new report to close the loop on Palin clothes expenditure

RNC releases new report to close the loop on Palin clothes expenditureWashington, Apr 9 : In a bid to cut all the loose threads in the Sarah Palin clothing saga during US Presidential elections, the Republican National Committee filed an amended report late last month, which shows in detail exactly which disbursements were clothing purchases for the Alaska Governor and her family.

According to the report, the committee paid about 23,000 dollars for clothing in the three weeks before and after Election Day.

The newly cited value is 7,000 dollars less than what was previously reported.

The amended report has brought the total Palin clothing costs paid by the RNC to about 173,000 dollars, reports The Politico.

Thus, the new report makes it easier to spot clothing purchases that had previously gone undetected, just like a 192 payment to the Philadelphia Flyers pro shop previously described as "campaign accessories" was recategorized as "candidate clothing."

The report also tells about a number of clothing payments to retailers not known for their sartorial selection, which includes 49 dollars to a UPS Store near running mate John McCain's Arizona ranch.

When asked about the amended report, or the fate of the clothes that were to be donated to charity, the RNC refused to comment.

The amended report came after the Federal Election Commission last month ordered the committee to "include a brief statement or description of why the [accessory] expenditures were made" on behalf of the McCain-Palin campaign. (ANI)