RIL Outcome Is Vital To Save The Market Sentiments - Vishwas Agarwal

Today, the BSE Sensex saw a 500 point fall and cracked in proportion to other international markets.

While pointing out on the U-turn taken by the stock market, technical analyst, Vishwas Agarwal stated that Indian stock market was faultily affected today because of reduction in worldwide markets and panic selling.

Saturday’s RIL result is crucial to hoard the persuasions now. Any optimistic news from RIL can ease the market to some extent.

But one thing is obvious that stock market mood has turned very cautious now and people are feeling insecure. So they will make an effort to go out with minimal losses in their place before buying more at existing levels.

Vishwas proposes traders to watch RIL’s quarterly result and international market trend next week and then take a call on the market.


RIL Result

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