Ride-Hailing Services like Uber Overtaking Taxis: Survey

A recently conducted survey has showed that business travelers are embracing the new sharing economy like Uber and are ditching the traditional modes of travelling. According to Neveu, the fact that business travelers are adopting new services is partly a result of companies changing their policies.

Certify, a travel and expense firm, has stated that a tremendous decrease in rental car usage was seen in the three months ended in June, all because of benefits offered by Uber.

It was found that Uber overtook taxis as the most expensed form of ground transportation, according to Certify. Uber accounted for 55 % of ground transportation receipts compared with taxis at 43 %.

Survey showed that it was a huge jump for the ride-sharing company. In the first quarter, Uber had 46% of receipts tracked by Certify compared with 53 % for taxis.

Certify CEO Robert Neveu said, "Established travel providers will need to adapt quickly or face further market share erosion to the sharing economy".

Findings of Certify were based on the 28 million trip receipts that are submitted by its North American clients every year. It does not include receipts from business travelers whose companies use other services to track expenses.

Business travelers might be quickly moving toward Uber, but employers still have reservations about safety and liability, showed the study.

In a few cities, Uber beat taxis by a wide margin for business travelers. In San Francisco, 79% of rides expensed through Certify during the second quarter were from Uber.