Rezolv Energy will Develop the biggest Solar Power Plant in Bulgaria

Rezolv Energy will Develop the biggest Solar Power Plant in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has been installing more solar capacity compared to other European countries and the renewable energy production will cross other sources shortly. UK-based Rezolv Energy has announced the biggest solar power project for Bulgaria till date. The installed capacity of the upcoming plant from Rezolv Energy will be 229 MW. The solar plant will be installed at the site of former Silistra airport in Silistra Municipality, as per reports.

The construction of plant will start later this year and Rezolv Energy aims to finish the setup by early 2025. Sustainable infrastructure investor Actis has invested €500 million in Rezolv Energy. The company aims to setup renewable energy plants in Central and Southeastern Europe.

Rezolv Energy is currently also building Romania's largest PV array. The plant was acquired from Romanian developer Monsson in November last year.

The Silistra plant will be connected to the main 110 kV transmission grid via two independent connection lines totaling about 6 kilometers in length. The power will be sold to commercial and industrial users through long-term power purchase agreements.

In October 2022, Bulgaria's electricity system operator revealed that it had accepted applications to build new renewable energy projects with an aggregate installed capacity of more than 24 GW – double the country's installed generating capacity.

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