Reliance Industries Will Shortly Break 2000 Levels - Sudarshan Sukhani

Reliance IndustriesReliance Industries stock is attracting investment support for the value gains linked to its strong position. Technical Analyst, Sudarshan Sukhani has advised stock holders to hold Reliance Industries to see 2000 near the Q1 results time.

Sukhani said, “Reliance is an excellent chart. At the risk of confessing that I am expecting it to come down to Rs 1400 and my expectations have nothing to do with what the market wants. The charts are pretty good; they are the best in that pack of petrochemicals or that oil pack, so to my mind the answer is a no. It is not only a leader of that pack; it also has one of the best charts so go with the leaders. This is the time you must go with leaders and it is also in strong momentum. Between Reliance and RPL I would prefer Reliance anytime. Reliance Petroleum is also doing the same things as Reliance so why not Reliance the original one.”