Mandy Moore’s ‘hypnotic’ gig!

Mandy Moore’s ‘hypnotic’ gig!Washington, Apr 28  Mandy Moore has revealed that she was so nervous at the release of her new album that she underwent hypnosis to beat the mental tension.

The singer/actress'' release Amanda Leigh hit U. S. shelves on April 26, and the star marked the launch by playing a gig for almost 300 fans in Los Angeles the night before.

But before taking to stage Moore was so terrified that she sought the help of a hypnotherapist.

"It is the most bizarre situation you can imagine," Contactmusic quoted Moore, as telling the crowd.

Katie Holmes says Suri loves being a princess

Katie Holmes says Suri loves being a princessWashington, Apr 28 : Hollywood actress Katie Holmes has revealed that her daughter Suri loves being a princess.

After a trip to Disneyland, Katie and Tom organized a princess theme party for Suri's 3rd birthday on April 18th and the tot loved it.

"We had a great time [at Disney] -- she loved it. It was her first time, and she loves the princesses. Actually, she loves being a princess," Us Weekly quoted Holmes, as saying at the Independent Filmmaker Project party in NYC Sunday.

Scientists shed light on neural basis of reading

Scientists shed light on neural basis of readingWashington, Apr 28 : In a new study, researchers have shown that early brain activity could provide a better understanding of the neural basis of reading.

Led by Piers Cornelissen, Morten Kringelbach, Ian Holliday and Peter Hansen from the Universities of York, Oxford, Aston, and Birmingham UK, the study showed very early interactions between the vision and language domains during reading.

I don''t have a girlfriend, says John Mayer

I don''t have a girlfriend, says John MayerWashington, April 28 : John Mayer has dismissed reports suggesting that he is dating an aspiring actress following his spilt from Jennifer Aniston.

Mayer and the former `Friends' star's relationship came to an end in March (09) and the rocker was rumoured to be dating aspiring star Scheana Marie.

Marie fuelled rumours when she described Mayer as "a great guy", adding, "He''s funny and sweet."

However, Mayer insists he's still single.

‘Spooky action’ to distinguish between two similar quantum devices

‘Spooky action’ to distinguish between two similar quantum devicesWashington, April 28 : Physicists are using the phenomenon dubbed as `spooky action' to distinguish between two similar quantum devices.

`Quantum ghosts' are far distant particles that can somehow `talk' to each other, a theory put forward by famous scientist Albert Einstein, who called it `spooky action at a distance'.

Having confirmed its existence, scientists today are learning how to use this `spooky action' as a helpful tool.

Dame Helen Mirren slapped with no-singing-around-home ban!

uploads/Dame-Helen-Mirren004.jpgWashington, Apr 28 : Hollywood actress Dame Helen Mirren has revealed that her husband has banned her from singing around home, because her tuneless humming leaves him irritated.

The Queen star revealed that although she loves to belt out tracks, her director husband Taylor Hackford insists she should keep quiet.

"I''ve got no musical abilities whatsoever. I sing if I''m listening to music. I sing along with it - I can hit the note if I''ve just heard it," Contactmusic quoted Mirren, as saying.