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Report: Apple may take iPhone from AT&T

Report: Apple may take iPhone from AT&T San Francisco  - Apple's iPhone could see wider distribution in the US next year as the company has not yet agreed to a request from AT&T to extend the telecom giant's exclusive rights to the hit smartphone, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

The report said the exclusivity deal signed in 2007 is set to expire in 2010 and AT&T is asking Apple to extend it for two years.

California plans space-based solar power

California plans space-based solar power San Francisco  - Californians could soon be powering their homes, and no doubt their hot tubs, from a space-based solar electricity program.

The plan by the state's massive energy company PG&E calls for the generation of 200 megawatts over 15 years to be collected by space-based solar arrays and beamed down to earth via radio frequency.

PG&E hopes to have the system running by 2016 and is seeking permission from regulators to contract with a company called Solaren to put the system in place.

Schwarzenegger returns art stolen by Nazis

Schwarzenegger returns art stolen by NazisSan Francisco - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday returned artwork stolen by the Nazis to the heirs of Holocaust victims. Schwarzenegger presented three 16th century oil paintings to the grandchildren of Jakob and Rosa Oppenheimer, who fled Nazi Germany in 1935.

Chip sales slump, but decline slows

George Scalise, SIA presidentSan Francisco  - Global sales of computer chips plunged 30 per cent in February compared to 2008, but there are signs that the worst of the slump might be over, the Semiconductor Industry Association said Friday.

The industry trade group said sales fell to 14.2 billion dollars in February from 20.3 billion dollars a year ago. Sales were down some 7.6 per cent compared to January

IBM lowers Sun bid

Sun MicrosystemsSan Francisco  - Business technology giant IBM has lowered its bid for server and software company Sun Microsystems by about 10 per cent in return for a guarantee that it will pursue the deal even in the face of regulatory challenges, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

According to the report, IBM now proposes paying 9 dollars to 10 dollars per share for Sun, compared to 10 dollars to 11 dollars per share when the negotiations were first reported some two weeks ago.

Confiker virus quiet on deadline day, but threat remains

Confiker virus quiet on deadline day, but threat remains San Francisco  - Confiker, the April Fool's worm, began contacting pre-designated websites for instructions on Wednesday, and while no malicious instructions had been downloaded, security researchers warned that the virus could still wreak havoc at any time.

"It's like a loaded gun that could go off anytime," said Patrik Runald, chief security advisor of technology security firm F-Secure.