Riots break out at migrant-detention centres in Malta

Riots break out at migrant-detention centres in Malta Valetta, Malta  - Police and military clashed Friday with migrants at two detention centres in Malta, officials said.

The rioting broke out after an illegal immigrant fell from a window at one of the detention centres.

The man was taken to hospital where his condition was not immediately known.

As news of the incident spread, detainees at another centre also rampaged, the officials of the Mediterranean island-state said.

Firefighters intervened to put out a blaze allegedly started by the rioters in one of the centre's dormitories.

Hundreds of migrants arrive in Malta

Valletta, Malta  - A group of 260 would-be illegal immigrants landed in Malta Sunday morning, one of the largest-ever groups to reach the Mediterranean island.

Witnesses said the immigrants, including two young girls and a pregnant woman, were "packed like sardines" on a large fishing boat.

Police on the scene said the migrants claimed they had left from Libya and they originated from various African countries. Unusually, there were also 12 Kurdish people on board. The immigrants said they had been on the boat for two days.

Ethiopian passenger jet makes emergency landing in Malta

Valletta, Malta  - An Ethiopian Airlines jet with 187 passengers on board on Sunday made an emergency landing in Malta after one of its engines failed.

World's first purpose-built "ePassport" factory opens in Malta

MaltaValletta, Malta- Malta became Wednesday the site of the world's
first purpose-built research and production facility for the ePassport,
or biometric passport, which is increasingly required by countries for
security reasons.

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi officiated at the inauguration of the
six million euro (7.7 million dollar) plant built by the British- based
De La Rue company, adjacent to the large banknote printing facility it
already operates on the small Mediterranean island.

The new 2,600 square metre building will print and assemble
machine-readable and biometric passports. It is expected to produce two

Italy, Libya, Malta ministers to meet on illegal migrants, oil

Italy, Libya, Malta ministers to meet on illegal migrants, oilValletta, Malta  - The foreign ministers of Italy, Libya and Malta are to meet on December 5 to discuss illegal immigration and oil exploration in the waters between the three countries, it was stated Monday.

Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini and Libyan Foreign Minister Abdurrahman Mohamed Shalgem will be meeting in Malta at the invitation of Foreign Minister Tonio Borg.

Borg told Parliament Monday this was the first time that concrete proposals had been made on the delineation of the waters for oil exploration purposes.

Police: Bodies picked up off Malta were almost certainly immigrants

Valletta, Malta - Five bodies recovered at sea in just over two weeks off Malta remained unidentified Sunday, though police were almost certain they were African immigrants who failed to make it to Europe.

The bodies were all in an advanced state of decomposition, indicating that they had been in the water for some time, police said.

Though the gender of the bodies was confirmed in an autopsy, it was very difficult to establish ethnicity.

The Sunday Times of Malta reported police as saying that it was "99 per cent probable that they were all (would-be illegal) immigrants." The autopsy established they had drowned.

Three of the corpses were female and one of them was wearing a life jacket.