Sip precious wines and swim with the devil in southern Tuscany

Montelpulciano, Italy - Visiting the ruins of the San Galgano Abbey during a full moon prompts most visitors to forget the cliches associated with modern horror movies.

Those unable to do so will inevitably notice the odd shape lurking in the dark on the carved stones, waiting to step out from behind every column.

The eerie scene makes nightly visits to the abbey less than popular. But a swift glance at the parking spaces outside the ruined abbey makes it clear that this is a hot spot during the high tourist season.

Italy's convoluted electoral law

Rome - It has drawn condemnation from the country's Catholic bishops, and even the parliamentarian who penned Italy's electoral law has described it as a "porcata" - a term which can be politely tr

New-kid-on-the-block Veltroni challenges Berlusconi

Rome - Italy seems to need a serious image overhaul ahead of its polls.

Tainted wine for sale in Italy

Rome - Authorities in Italy suspect some 70 million litres of cheap wine on sale in local shops and supermarkets could contain illegal, harmful substances, a weekly magazine reported Friday.

Fault under Adriatic Sea might bring Italy into contact with Croatia

Fault under Adriatic Sea might bring Italy into contact with Croatia

South Indian Communicates Chikungunya To Italy

New Delhi: The health officials stated that an unnamed chikungunya-infected tourist, visiting relatives in Castiglione town of Italy’s Ravenna region, from south India has been found responsible fo